DHSatellite is the Antenna Manufacturer featuring solid spun aluminum antennas 

“The” Antenna Manufacturer featuring solid spun aluminum antennas!

Gibralter Mount now rated for 194 mph!


     2.4m thru 5m RX Sectional antennas now available for shipping. 

.6m to 1.8m one piece available for immediate shipping.

 Looking to replace a Patriot, a Comtech or other commercial antenna at your site? YES, DH can offer you a new 3.8m antenna with special sleeving to fit your existing Comtech post and existing wind kit.  Replacing the Patriot King post system?   Ask DH how we can drill our 24″ base plate to mate up to the existing King Post bolt pattern at your site.  In need of replacing a Prodelin antenna?  Ask about the new sectional antenna made by DH that performs and specs as our one-piece antenna.

Call or email us to see how a DH Antenna will meet your antenna needs!

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If you are getting a weaker radio signal due to the radio satellite switch over, you may need a new antenna.

3.7m or larger recommended 
To learn more about the changeover, please visit:  http://www.amc8migration.com


ant sizes

       Custom sizes are available! Sizes are nominal