Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does DH Satellite manufacture a solid one piece antenna? 

      Yes, DH manufactures both a one-piece, solid spun, aluminum antenna and a  sectional, spun aluminum antenna line.

2.  Is a DH Sectional antenna available with different size antennas and mounts?  

     Yes, the sectional antenna is available from 2.4m up to our 5m antenna with the Fixed Az-El, the 48” Polar or Fixed mount, 60” Heavy Duty Polar mount, Horizon to Horizon,  both the Dual Powered and Fixed Gibraltar mounts as well as with the Ge-mini Az-El mounting options.

3.  Does the DH sectional antenna perform the same as the DH one piece antenna?  

     Yes.  When installed correctly the sectional antenna will perform to the same spec as our one-piece antenna.  Because of the process that DH uses in manufacturing and placing of the ribs or templates on the one piece antenna before cutting we have preserved the integrity of a one-piece antenna.

4.  How long does it take to assemble a sectional antenna?  

      This varies according to several factors:  the site accessibility, the number of people performing the installation, the size of the antenna, and experience.  DH typically would like to say that in most installations of an eight piece antenna, complete to bringing in acceptable signal at the antenna system you can be done in 6 hours or less. 

4.  How long does it take to install a 1pc DH Antenna: 

     You should be able to have up and running in about 4 hours or less.  Again, site, experience, and the amount of help at the site  will factor on installation time.

5. Does DH have a preferred or recommended method of installation on a sectional DH Antenna?

     Each site may mandate a different method other than the DH preferred which is important to note.  Because you have ordered a sectional antenna; DH has recognized that there was a need for the sectional antenna.  For this reason we would recommend that you put the system up piece by piece on to the ring.  A sectional antenna is typically purchased for one of the following reasons:  lack of equipment to lift a one-piece, not able to get lifting equipment to the site for a one-piece, needed the antenna quickly to site, or you are using a freight elevator to lift the antenna to the roof.

6.  Can we install our DH Sectional antenna on the ground and lift it as a one-piece antenna?  

      Yes, you can assemble the antenna on the ground and lift as a one piece antenna.  When using the method it is critical that a support be placed to the correct depth of the antenna to support the antennas center while assembling the pieces.   It is however our thought that if you are able to assemble on the ground and lift as a one-piece antenna, you should consider ordering a one-piece antenna thus saving installation hours in the field.

7.  What does DH recommend after assembly of a DH antenna? 

      Now that you are finished assembling the antenna and mount we recommend that you take the following steps prior to checking signal. 

a.  String the antenna: Do this with four  strings tying to the back brace and bring strings across the face of the antenna to the opposite  back    brace.  Your goal will be to have all strings touching in the center.  You make adjustments to get to this goal by tightening or loosening the back braces until all strings touch.  You can site the antenna for flatness from the side however the string allow you the best surface.

b. Measuring the focal length:  refer to the instruction manual that was received with the antenna and follow as indicated.

8.  The DH antenna does not perform as well as we expected, what is wrong with the antenna? 

      There are times when we receive calls saying that the antenna does not work.  In most of these situations we find the basic solutions below will result in taking care of the problem.  Remember that the antenna in its self is a reflective surface and only a few factors can make the antenna the problem.   

a.  The antenna was not strung for flatness.  String the antenna as indicated using 4 strings and adjust.

b.  The focal length is not right, thus many say the antenna is not a good antenna when in fact the antenna is fine.  We just need to have a tech take a measurement to set the f/l correctly taking into consideration where to measure to on the feedhorn.

c.  The feed is not looking directly at the center of the dish.

9.   How does the DH antenna come on delivery?  

     One piece Antenna delivery:   DH Satellite will make delivery of one-piece antennas and mounts on our factory truck as close to site as we can without causing harm or damage to property during delivery.  This delivery will be quoted prior to placing a PO with the distributor or factory.  You will know the cost up front before shipping and DH will call you with estimated delivery time and the number of people, and or special lifting equipment at you need to assist in off loading your 1pc DH Antenna. 

      Sectional antenna delivery:  The DH sectional antenna is placed in sections in an open crate and shipped common carrier.  Should your site require a lift gate you will need to arrange this prior to DH offering a shipping quote as this is an additional service.

10.  Does DH offer technical assistance for our installation? 

      YES, should you need any basic, technical installation on assembly, you may call our office at 800-627-9443 M-F 8am to 4:30PM CST.  We will do our best to talk you through processes of installation.  DH has available an installation assist option for one-piece antennas in which we assist your people at the site on delivery of our one-piece antenna.  This can only be done when we are shipping with our DH factory truck.  Your DH Antenna will perform before we leave your site.  The last option if we are unable to solve your concern or issue via phone is for your to  request a service call.  DH will, when in your area, stop at your site, access the problem and make corrections.  Service call fees may apply depending upon the age of the system and the problem found at the time of service.  Be sure to discuss these potential cost before requesting a service call.