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I had a problem recently with a competitor’s 3 meter dish mount failing atop a Chicago skyscraper. Luckily for all, the reflector stayed on the roof. So began a month long project to find another dish that would meet the new wind rating of 150 mph required by the building owners. I had one prior experience with DH Satellite when I asked them to build a mount that would allow their one piece 3 meter dish to fit on a competitor’s existing pipe ground mount. Their willingness and quality of work brought them to mind for my Chicago problem.

I was stuck with a 6-5/8” OD pipe as the existing mount was part of a steel structure tied into the building so modifying it was not something time allowed. Further the new 150 mph requirement had no give. Lastly the dish had to fit in a freight elevator and through a stairway.

I called Mr. Mike Doll of DH Satellite and discussed my problem. He said that their reflectors and mounts were rated for up to 150 mph but it had not been done for a small 3 meter dish. Typically customers wanting that level of strength were using larger reflectors. He was willing and so we began a series of PE structural studies which showed their new 4 piece reflector (remember the freight elevator) was fine and that a standard 3 m mount would need just some minor modifications to meet the 150 mph requirement and to add some special lock down features the building requested.

DH built the system in 4 days, delivered it in 2 days. The ISI installers had it atop the building and built in 2 days. They also installed some galvanized wire rope tethers.

My emergency was resolved by DH’s product being as strong as it is and by their willingness to rapidly do some custom work increasing the wind survival rating of their 3 meter dish from 125 mph to 150 mph.

Attached are some photos. Note that one inside corner of one pedal had an argument with the freight elevator.

My regards to DH Satellite,


David Lingenfelter

Mako Communications, LLC

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The system worked seamlessly. Thanks for helping out on a short notice.
Looking forward to doing more business with you in future.

Kind Regards,

Shweta Garg
Sr. Software Engineer
Sutron Corporation, ILEX Division