Gibralter IV Dual Powered

 Rated for 194 mph, this is the Most Stable Dual Drive Azimuth/Elevation Dish Drive System Available

The Ultimate System is a Dual Powered Azimuth Elevation Mount. Commercial use demands a solid and stable mount for high winds and gusty conditions. Our unit was designed from the ground up with a 15″ diameter steel pipe stand. The current model is the fourth generation design and has very few changes over its predecessor. The pivot is much like a crane base between two heavy steel plates that are machined with a new space-age oil impregnated bearing surface. The Gearbox and Elevation Drive are weather protected.




  • Dual Idlers to Maximize Travel Efficiency
  • 36 Volt DC Motors
  • Pulse Sensors – Reed & Hall Effect
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Idler Sprockets – to improve movement & decrease maintenance
  • 60″ Back Ring
  • 36″ Bearing Hub
  • 8 Back Braces
  • Space Age Oil Impregnated Bearing Surface
  • 0-90° Elevation
  • 200° + Azimuth Travel
  • 15″ Reinforced Base
  • Quad Feed Struts w/Collar
  • AZ-EL Lock Downs for Severe Weather
  • Heavy duty gear box – To Chain Drive
  • Available in a 16 block design for both DH one-piece or sectional antennas
  • P.C. Compatible Drive System with
    • Automatic Positioning
    • Non-volatile Memory
    • RS-422 PC Control Interface
    • High Resolution Sensor Processing
    • Dual Speed
    • 50 Satellites & Polarity Memory
    • Windows 95, 98, 2000, Compatible



  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Non-Penetrating Roof Mount
  • Electronics, Feedhorns, LNBS, Cabling
  • Half Dish Deicing
 We are able to customize paint for an additional charge if you are in need of a specific color. The pictures below are from a site in New Zealand.