Gemeni Az-El

The Ge-Mini has been designed strictly for the 2.4m,  2.7m, and 3m  DH Antennas.  This design has come about and is identical in theory as the Dual Powered Gibralter Series.  The Ge-Mini is available in both a fixed Az-EL and with the Dual Powered Az-El option. 

The Ge-Mini Gibralter  includes the feed struts, feed horn collar, the 5 1/5″ od  column with fins and a 18″ x 1/2″ x 1/2″ steel plate for attaching to an existing pad.  The Dual Powered Ge-mini included all motors, gears, and drive motors for both azimuth and elevation and will include the top of the line RCI2000a Dual axis controller. 

The installation manual for this mount is available from the home page under Install Manuals. 

Contact the factory for larger drawings of this mount