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Satellite Mounts

Introduction to DH Satellite Mounts

At DH Satellite, we offer a range of robust and versatile satellite mounts designed to be fixed to one satellite or multiple using multifaceted, polar tracking for simple tracking of the arc, to motorized azimuth and elevation with over 200+ degrees of azimuth travel and 90 degrees of elevation adjustment.. Our mounts are meticulously engineered to provide stability, durability, and optimal performance in any environment. Explore our selection below to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Our Selection of Antenna Mounts

Dive into our diverse assortment of antenna mounts, from non-penetrating roof mount to ideal for temporary setups to heavy-duty ground mounts designed for permanent installations. Each mount is fabricated to offer maximum support and alignment accuracy, guaranteeing optimal performance of your antenna.


Customization and Adaptability

Understanding that every project has unique requirements, we specialize in customizing mounts to fit specific needs. Whether it's adjusting for terrain, climate, or specific antenna configurations, our team is equipped to tailor solutions that ensure your satellite system's efficiency and longevity.

Ease of Installation and Durability

Learn about the design considerations that make our mounts not just sturdy, but also user-friendly. From simplified assembly processes to materials selected to resist corrosion and wear, discover how DH Satellite mounts blend functionality with long-term reliability.

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Why Choose DH Satellite?

Choosing DH Satellite means opting for a partner dedicated to excellence in satellite technology. With over half a million antennas produced and a global footprint, our expertise is unparalleled. We're committed to providing you with solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Get in Touch

Are you ready to move forward with your new antenna project? To elevate your satellite communication capabilities? Contact DH Satellite today. Our team of experts is here to assist you in selecting the perfect antenna and mount for your project, ensuring seamless performance and reliability. Let's connect and discuss how we can serve your needs.

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Gibralter Mount Specs

The Fixed Gibraltar Az-El Mount is a strong support for DH Antennas up to 5 meters, with a high wind survival rating of 194 mph. It is perfect for satellite tracking, providing excellent performance and flexibility. The Gibraltar Az-El Mount offers versatility and power for DH Antennas up to 5 meters, with robust performance and dual power capabilities.


Wind survival rating of 194 mph: Only available on the 60" Gibralter Series by DH Satellite

Compatible with DH Antennas from 2.4 to 5 meters

Tracks various satellite orbits

Dual power for increased functionality

Easy installation and maintenance.

Gemini Mount

Enhance your satellite setup with DH Satellite's Dual Powered Gemini Mount. Featuring a robust design, the Gemini Mount provides 169° motorized azimuth travel powered by 36 Volt DC motors, ensuring precise positioning for optimal signal reception. The Gemini Mount Series includes a 5 1/2” reinforced base,

Gibralter II Mount

DH Satellite's Dual Powered Gibralter II Mount, supports motorized azimuth and elevations controlled with a Research Concepts antenna controller. The mount features a robust design, allowing for use of a single pole located at your facility or can be supported with a king post mounting structure. The Gibralter II Mount provides 169° motorized azimuth travel powered by 36 Volt DC motor, 0 to 90 degrees elevation travel ensuring precise positioning for optimal signal reception.

Gemini Mount
Gibralter II

Az-El Mount

An AZ-EL antenna mount is essential for satellite communication systems and astronomy, enabling precise control over antenna orientation in horizontal and vertical directions. It ensures accurate tracking of satellites and celestial objects for optimal signal reception and transmission. The azimuth angle determines the horizontal direction, while the elevation angle controls the vertical tilt above the horizon, crucial for targeting specific satellites or celestial bodies. Our AZ-EL mounts come in various sizes for different antennas, providing flexibility and easy installation. Choose between our 48” mount for 3.0m, 3.7m, and 3.8m antennas or our standard 60” mount for antennas ranging from 3.0m to 4.5m.

Polar Mount

Polar Antenna Mount is durable and versatile, providing robust pole-mounted support for DH Satellite antennas. The DH Satellite's Polar Antenna Mounts combine versatility and reliability for top-notch antenna setup and performance for single-axis tracking of the arc.


26"Polar or Fixed Mount 1.2 M to 1.8 M

39" Polar or Fixed Az-El 2.4M to 3M 

48" Polar Mount 3M to 3.8M

60" Polar Mount 3M to 5M

Horizon to Horizon Mount

Push the boundaries of satellite technology with our Horizon to Horizon Satellite Antenna Mount, specifically designed to offer unparalleled range of motion and exceptional durability. This mount is perfect for comprehensive satellite coverage, allowing for continuous tracking from one horizon to the other. With its robust construction and capability to accommodate larger antenna sizes, this mount ensures stable, uninterrupted reception even in the most challenging conditions. Its seamless operation and easy-to-adjust features make it a top choice for professionals seeking reliability and extensive satellite access. Choose DH Satellite’s Horizon to Horizon Mount for a limitless viewing experience and superior performance in all environments.


160 Degrees of Single Axis Polar Travel

Heavy-duty gearbox with Chain Drive

Available for 3M through 5 Meter Antennas

NPRM Mount

The NPRM Antenna Mount by DH Satellite is designed to enhance antenna installation and performance. It is compatible with 1.2m, 1.5m, and 1.8m antennas, offering convenience and reliability. The mount is versatile, non-penetrating for flat roofs, and made of durable materials for long-lasting use in various conditions. Experience the convenience and reliability of the NPRM Antenna Mount for seamless integration and peace of mind during installation.

Act now and elevate your satellite setup by contacting us today to learn more about the NPRM Antenna Mount!


Astra Mount

Engineered for exceptional precision and adaptability for small antennas ranging from 0.6M to 0.9M. Designed to work with a single pole mount for quick economical installation needs.   Ideal for KU Band antenna systems for ham radio. The Astra Satellite Mount integrates seamlessly, providing a reliable solution for your communication infrastructure. Experience the pinnacle of satellite mount technology with DH Satellite – where performance meets

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